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Start Selling on Skriti

This is how it works: It’s effortless, list your items, it sells, you ship and cash out!

Get it listed.
Look in your drawer and identify a piece of South Asian clothing you aren’t wearing, like a sari you wore once or your son’s Kurti he grew out of.  
You can then put them up for sale on Skriti! Signing up is free. 

Ship Your Item.
Let Skriti handle the details once your item is listed. The pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you. Put the shipping label on the package, pack the item, and drop it off at the Post Office. Stamps are not required.

Cash Out.
You may withdraw your earnings from Skriti at any time. For example, put your money directly into your checking account, request a check, or use the cash to make purchases now on Skriti. 

  • Here is how our fees work: We charge 20% of the listing price, and you keep 80%.
  • In return, we will handle all the following: credit card fees, financial transactions, and shipping label fees, and we will act as your customer service department.

As soon as you experience Skriti’s simplicity and ease of use, you will fall in love with your style all over again. So let go of what you don’t need so you can make space for your next outfit. 

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