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How to take the perfect photos for your Skriti listing



If you want to sell your items on Skriti, taking great photos to show off your products in the best possible light is essential. This blog post will discuss how to take perfect photos for your listings, from choosing the right background to editing them for maximum impact. By following these tips, you’ll be able to create beautiful and eye-catching photos that will help you sell more items!


When choosing a background for your Skriti photos, it’s essential to choose something simple and clean. A busy or cluttered background can be distracting and take away from the item you’re trying to sell. Instead, opt for a plain wall or a piece of solid-colored fabric. If you’re taking photos outdoors, try to find a spot with minimal distractions like power lines or trash cans.


Lighting is one of the most critical factors in taking great Skriti photos. Natural light is always best, so take your photos near a window or outside on an overcast day. Avoid direct sunlight, which can create harsh shadows and make colors look washed out. If you’re taking photos indoors, set up your lighting using lamps or placing the item near a window.


Using props in your Skriti photos can help show the item in its best light. For example, if you’re selling clothing, you might want to style it on a mannequin or dress form. Or, if you’re selling jewelry, you could place it on a velvet jewelry stand. Whatever type of item you’re selling, make sure to choose props that are relevant and in good condition. You don’t want your photo cluttered with irrelevant items or to look like it was thrown together at the last minute.

The Angle

Another critical factor in taking great Skriti photos is the angle. Be sure to take photos from different angles so potential buyers can see the item from all sides. This is especially important for items like clothing, where you’ll want to show off the details like stitching and buttons. For more oversized items, such as wedding sarees, it can be helpful to take a photo of the whole outfit on a person so buyers can get an idea of how it will look on them.


Once you’ve taken your Skriti photos, you may want to edit them to make them look their best lightly. This could include adjusting the brightness or contrast, cropping the photo, or adding a filter. Skriti will have a built-in photo editing tool that you can use in the future, or you can use a program like Photoshop or Lightroom. At this time, we recommend using tools like Photoshop, Lightroom, or even the tools in your photo album! Just be sure not to go overboard with the editing, as you don’t want your photos to look fake or overly processed.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to take beautiful Skriti photos that will help you sell more items! So get out there and start snapping away!

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